Initial Teacher Education: Paper Towns in a post-truth era.

Year: 2017

Author: Walker-Gibbs, Bernadette, Thomas, Mathew

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Initial Teacher Education: Paper Towns in a post-truth era.

This paper examines the hostilities of Initial Teacher Education, as framed, by the logic of a a post-truth era, within which what it means to 'become' a teacher is diffused by complexities, presented as public certainties and experienced as private frustrations. The authors draw upon the cartographic metaphor of paper towns (fictitious phantom points intended to mislead) by invoking the intra-action of policy upon pedagogy. In doing so we examine the formative junctures of becoming a teacher in a policy landscape littered with falsities; which include but are not limited to teacher quality, discourses of crisis in education, and the long term retention of beginning teachers.

The authors envisage putting theory to work on the temporal junctures in which an individual 'becomes' a teacher, as reflective of a liquid modernity (Bauman, 2000).Consequently, we draw upon temporality as a trope in teacher education to understand and make sense of policy articulations on the map in a post- truth world. Through the amalgam of paper town's and temporality we attempt to chart a course though the cartographies of a teacher's routines, rituals and realities as tentative representations of teacher identity, framed as discourses of quality.