Digital teaching methods promoting biology learning

Year: 2018

Author: Yli-Panula, Eija, Jeronen, Eila

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Suitability of the digital methods for learning and teaching biological knowledge and skills was studied. The research questions were: a) Which digital teaching methods have been used in biology to support learning? b) What are the biological contents studied? c) What are the advantages and how does the digital teaching support biology learning? and d) What kind of levels in knowledge and thinking skills do the digital teaching methods promote in biology? In the literature search of articles focusing on the use of ICT-technology based digital learning methods, promoting biology education, 25 international articles were found in the century of 2000.  Of these, 10 articles were chosen for a content analysis. The digital teaching methods used in biology education were, e.g. interactive Internet page, virtual field trip, virtual laboratory and a virtual learning program. The biological topics varied from species identification to biological phenomena. Learning was supported via motivation and interaction of the digital methods. The found advantages were movability, safety and low cost. The digital teaching methods promoted the development of the individuals´ thinking skills and perceptions of various levels of knowledge, especially fact and concept. The results spoke in favour of having the digital teaching methods included in core curriculum of biology and it´s teaching. The results of this investigation support the plan to include the digital teaching methods to biology curriculum and teaching.
Key words
Biology, digital teaching methods, level of biological knowledge, thinking skills.