Reframing transitions to school as continuity practices: The role of practice architectures

Year: 2018

Author: Boyle, Tess, Petriwskyj, Anne, Grieshaber, Sue

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper makes a case for conceptualising transitions from the before school sector to the compulsory years of schooling as continuity practices. It begins by presenting an overview and critique of constructions of transitions to school that contribute to contemporary discourses and agendas (e.g., the conflation of transitions and readiness). Then recent international trends in understanding transitions as continuity are analysed and synthesised into three broad categories: structural, developmental, and contextual continuities. These categories are subsequently used to develop a conceptual model for reframing transitions. The model is then used to: first, examine a snapshot of familiar Australian transitions practices; second, highlight the interdependence of the practices and the sites in which they are enacted; and, third, support the argument to reframe transitions as continuity practices. Finally, contributions the paper makes to transitions to school theory, research and practice are explicated.