Exploring the Beliefs and Professional Experiences Impacting the Building of scholarship for Doctoral Degree Graduates

Year: 2018

Author: Akin, Imani, Harris, Shane, MurrellJones, Matasha

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Doctoral degree graduates influence and promote attention to societal issues through scholarship.  Building scholarship is a personal investment for the doctoral degree graduate.  The problem is doctoral degree graduates need support in determining habits of mind and experiences, which contribute to practicing and building scholarship.  A goal of the study is to determine the behaviors, habits of mind, and personal and professional experiences, which lead to active scholarship.  Data for this study will identify strategies and create a framework for building scholarship.  A theoretical framework will include social cognitive theory, mindset theory, and Boyer’s scholarship model.  Research questions and hypothesis address personal and professional experience as well as cultivating behaviors and habits resulting in active scholarship.  A mixed methods research approach using the explanatory sequential research design requires application of the quantitative strand first to explore the frequency of scholar experiences.  Examination of the quantitative data includes frequency of responses and integrating the qualitative responses to identify themes.  The qualitative component will explain and expound the quantitative results with a comprehensive integrated analysis to answer the research questions.  Findings and data from the study will result in a model for active and engaged scholarship for doctoral degree graduates.