Application of Virtual Reality in Teaching and Learning

Year: 2018

Author: Koh, Yong Hwee Daryl, Wee, Ming Hann, Asari, Karmila

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Virtual Reality (VR) has moved from being the purview of the military and aviation to the mainstream of professional development and training, as managers, instructors, coaches, and therapists have claimed increasing benefit from immersive experiences. This study looks at adapting VR in teaching and learning in a Singapore classroom context. An action research study by teaching practitioners in 2 Singapore English language classrooms, used VR videos for teaching and learning. Students used one to one devices and are provided each with virutal reality headsets. Making use of available online VR videos and also self produced VR videos, teachers design learning materials based on these videos and adapted them for teaching English language in 2 classrooms (Grade 8 and 9). Studies conducted with students suggest improved engagement and effectiveness in comprehension. As an action research study, this has helped teachers especially the school’s staff to better understand the use of VR technology and how to make full use of its function to aid teaching and learning.