Educational praxis

Year: 2018

Author: Mahon, Kathleen, Boyle, Tess, Sjølie, Ela, Heikkinen, Hannu, Rauno, Huttunen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Paper  1 of proposed symposium entitled
'Pedagogy, Education and Praxis: A ten-year progress report from an international research network'
This presentation addresses the question ‘What is educational praxis?’ from both theoretical and empirical perspectives in light of research conducted by the Pedagogy, Education and Praxis (PEP) research network over the past decade. After a brief discussion of how praxis has been understood historically, the paper introduces six key themes as they relate to educational praxis: agency and reflexivity; particularity; connectedness; history and biography; morality and justice; and praxis as doing. Together the themes provide a way of conceptualising what educational praxis looks like, sounds like, and feels like in different educational settings – for example, in early childhood settings, schools, workplaces, and universities – and in different national contexts. In our discussion we explore the forming, self-forming, and transforming nature of educational praxis, and invite the audience to consider the role of educational praxis in achieving the purposes of education amidst the challenges of our time.