A Reciprocal Research Partnership Model: Towards A Positive Psychology of Indigenous Thriving

Year: 2018

Author: Craven, Rhonda, Mooney, Janet, Marder, Kurt

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

There are plenty of examples of Indigenous success in the new Indigenous world in Australia. However, little research has been undertaken to ascertain how to identify, measure, and augment these successes more broadly. This presentation provides an overview of a reciprocal research partnership model of Indigenous thriving, utilising an Australian-devised research framework founded upon positive psychology principles and holistic Indigenous Australian worldviews. The model prioritises as paramount the voices and agency of Indigenous children, youth, and communities, and proposes that research be conducted in genuine partnership as opposed to research being imposed on Indigenous communities. The model focuses on Indigenous Australian strengths as opposed to deficit approaches. The presentation will then describe our strengths-based approach and how its utilisation of Indigenous research methodologies in combination with Western approaches can contribute to a new approach to translational research of salience to Indigenous Australians and how, if successful, this new approach may also find application in other Indigenous populations and educational contexts.