Storycrafting with refugee children

Year: 2018

Author: Kaukko, Mervi

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

As part of my ongoing research with refugee and asylum-seeking students in Finland and Australia, students shared many powerful, beautiful stories about their experiences. The children and I agreed these stories deserve to be heard beyond academic publications. This notion led to a series of storycrafting (Karlsson 2014) sessions with a group of 13 primary school aged students from seven countries. During the process, the children combined their imagination with personal experiences to create the story of 10-year-old Ali and his family’s search for safety. As an outcome, we published a fictional story book Ali and the Long Journey to Australia, and a stop motion animation film, both written and illustrated by the students.
In this presentation, I share the story and describe the process of making it. I also discuss the potential of storycrafting as a method to enable children to share and hear stories.