Black, White and Grey Scales: Visual interventions through language and text

Year: 2018

Author: Snepvangers, Kim

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This case using pencil drawings as a catalyst fo conversation, exemplifies and explores different approaches to dialogue, reflexively speaking, reading, and performing within liminal learning spaces. When reading between the lines, there is room for transformative shifts in knowledge production. In revealing obscured and undisclosed voices in conjunction with what is visibly presented in each case, significant implications for educators become evident. Uncovering the specific, situated mechanics of production made possible by inter-subjective encounters with textuality enables modification of an educator’s role. Writing and speaking conceived as artistic devices facilitates inter-textual encounters rather than prescribing designated phenomena, opening novel opportunities for dissemination and positive change. Like a doppelganger, it becomes possible to suspend authority and simultaneously work with full knowledge of the rules and procedures of the system, and actually engage in challenging historically contested ideas of colonialism, and displacement across geographies of place and time.