Creative Ecologies

Year: 2018

Author: Snepvangers, Kim

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Within the discourse of creative ecologies, the significance of creative industry encounters and the efficacy of participation in a self-organisational ecosystem is explored.  Specifically, how an innovative Professional Experience Project (PEP) that connects arts students with variously sized business, galleries, collectives, MakerSpaces, hubs, and bespoke sole traders transforms traditional understandings of “internship”.  In the first section creative ecologies are discussed in metaphoric and literal ways. I will discuss the metaphoric use of creative ecologies with the rare delivery of PEP, using key components such as diverse mentoring, negotiated project development and student self-management. In the second section I will draw on natural occurrences of a newly discovered environmental ecology that might offer different tools and perspectives for PEP.  The desert ecology of Newman, Western Australia was selected as an exemplar to develop how the conceptual mechanics of PEP partnerships can be conceived as an ecology of practice.  Mutually nurturing systemic thinking posits how previously unexplored ecologies in extreme environments can inspire new technologies and creative architectures in professional contexts.  Alongside recent theoretical explorations in New Materialist connectedness and worldly sensibilities the ‘Desert Circles’ explore how we might think about and grapple with more extreme and precarious environmental conditions.  Finally, this chapter investigates the conceptual appropriateness and some of the qualitative dimensions of entrepreneurial dispositions and activities in experimental ecologies when partnered with digital tools and assets.