What is an integrated partnership and how does it respatialise professional formation?

Year: 2018

Author: Seddon, Terr

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Studies of globalising education policies foreground the way concepts, methods and practices of education have travelled worldwide through the effects of knowledge and networks. These processes of knowledge building have prompted certain understandings of teacher quality and produced technologies and techniques for monitoring and assessing quality amongst teachers. But the concern with travelling policies has tended to privilege space and mobility over time and the colliding temporalities that distinguish place, persons and their patterns of permanence. Reflecting on recent research into uneven space-times of education, I outline how this project has conceptualised ‘integrated partnerships’ as a particular present that is made through interprofessional work and learning. I suggest that our challenge as researchers investigating the effects of TEMAG is to trace how that fleeting ‘once’ becomes a more persistent ‘here’, and with what effects on teacher professionalisation.