What is the policy history that steers TEMAG reforms and expectations about the quality of beginning teachers?

Year: 2018

Author: Heffernan, Troy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This presentation surveys a decade of literature examining the requirements, hurdles, and successes of initial teacher education in Australia. It begins by highlighting the research pre-TEMAG report that established that federal professional development policy documents were addressing political concerns, but not always those of educators, while policies were also seen to be introduced that rarely addressed issues in diverse settings. At the same time, researchers noted that challenges were present in initial teacher education, and the literature suggested these matters could be improved if school/university relationships were improved by rethinking the relationship and redefining inherent requirements for initial teacher education practicums. The presentation then explores which aspects of teacher education the TEMAG report was responding to, what aspects it addressed, and what issues were arguably not considered. These conclusions are drawn through scholarly evaluations of the report alongside interview data collected from university and school stakeholders who have been operating within the TEMAG environment. In particular, the data explore ways stakeholders seek to enhance university/school partnerships and work towards enhanced education and support for pre-service teachers throughout their initial teacher education and into their teaching careers.