Hanging out in the city of tomorrow: music and arts in the lifeworlds of young people.

Year: 2018

Author: Price, Deborah, Stehlik, Tom, Carter, Jenni, Comber, Barbara

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The satellite city of Elizabeth was established in the 1950s as an experiment in urban sociological planning, populated with new arrivals and hailed as the ‘City of Tomorrow’. By the 1970s it had declined into one of the most disadvantaged communities in South Australia with intergenerational unemployment, poverty and social dysfunction leading to disengagement and disenfranchisement of the current generation of young people living there. In 2007 the local council developed a community facility to attract young people into creative learning and expression through music and the performing arts. Northern Sound System offers programs and resources for contemporary music composing, recording and performance.
This paper reports on a study using a youth participatory inquiry approach in Elizabeth to establish their views on music and the creative arts in relation to their identity and wellbeing.  Most young people reported music plays a large part on maintaining a positive outlook.  However, there were differences in how young men and women talk about the creative arts in their lives, which have implications for the provision of programs and spaces for young people to hang out and engage in creative pursuits.