Computer anxiety and computer competency instruction: Aptitude- treatment interaction effects

Year: 1994

Author: McInerney, Dennis M., Roche, Lawrence A., McInerney, Valentina

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports on a study designed to examine the comparative effects of co-operative group learning and direct teaching on student acquisition of computing competencies, as well as the comparative efficacy of these modes of teaching on the reduction of computer anxiety among students.

Using a quasi-experimental design, two equivalent groups of students completing computer coursework were given alternative modes of delivery of an introductory computing course. One group received "training" through direct teaching, and the other group received "training" through direct teaching plus collaborative self-regulated learning facilitated by the instructor.

In this study we report on the differential effects of each treatment for high anxious versus low anxious computing students and discuss the results in the context of effective teaching models for introductory computing courses.