University-school partnership: Implementing a multiple intelligences model

Year: 1994

Author: McGrath, Helen, Perry, Chris

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper will report on a pilot study of a university-school partnership program which involves teachers in school-based research. This program operates with National Development Professional Development funding.

The research was initiated by the Principal and school staff and responded to by appropriate university staff with relevant expertise. The paper will describe the roles of the Principal, the university link persons and the teacher/co-ordinators and other school staff. Details will be given of programs in two Melbourne primary schools which involve the implementation across the whole school of a multiple intelligences model. The program incorporates the development of diagnostic instruments for developing a student and staff data base across each of seven intelligences. As well, it focuses on the application from K-6 of innovative teaching strategies based on the model of multiple intelligences.

All teachers are involved in the process of evaluating and refining the checklists, the teaching strategies and the model of implementation. The issue of teacher professional development in this process is also discussed.