Performing professional learning on Twitter

Year: 2018

Author: Barnes, Naomi

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Social media has increasingly become a place of performativity for teachers and school leaders. In this paper I will describe how teachers and school leaders perform their professional learning on Twitter. Educators use Twitter to perform their professional learning in many ways, such as participating in hashtag mediated chats and linking to hashtags in tweets, hyperlinking in Twitter accounts associated with educational leaders, noting the formal learning they have completed and awards they have received in their profiles, and producing products such as podcasts, blogs and publications which they advertise on Twitter. In this paper this emerging phenomenon will be analysed through two lenses of performativity: that associated with teacher professional standards and teacher accountability frameworks, including the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and the performativity agenda that drives social media technology companies such as Facebook and Twitter. This paper will unpack the implications for teachers’ and school leaders’ using social media platforms to promote themselves and their work.