Meet the Educational Leadership Editors: Everything you wanted to know about publishing but were afraid to ask

Year: 2018

Author: Wilkinson, Jane, Brooks, Jeffrey S., Heffernan, Amanda, Eacott, Scott, Richard, Niesche, Colin, Evers

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This user-friendly session provides an invaluable opportunity for Educational Leadership researchers to informally meet with editors of journals and book series in the field to discuss potential publications. PhD students and ECRs are often mystified about how to gain that invaluable first publication in a journal or book. How do you crack the journal or book genre? Which journals or books should you approach and why? Will the editors like your manuscript? Why did your manuscript not get published or not get past that first hurdle?
At this user-friendly session, journal and book series editors from some of the key publishers in the educational leadership field will be there to present on how to get published: the whys and wherefores. There will be plenty of time for you to discuss your ideas for potential publications, the publication process, or to ask any burning questions of the editorial representatives.
Editors for the following journals and book series will be in attendance:
The Journal of Educational Administration and History
International Journal of Leadership in Education
International Journal for Educational Management
Journal of School Leadership
Leadership, Schools, and Change (Information Age Publishing)
Educational Leadership Theory (Springer)
Educational Leadership and Policy Decision-Making in Neoliberal Times (Routledge)
Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory (Springer)
Educational Leadership for Social Justice (Information Age Publishing)
Race and Belonging in Education (Bloomsbury)