Educational Leadership Research Matters: Debating the Impact of Educational Leadership Research

Inspired by the conference theme, and contextualized in the dynamic and contentious environments in which researchers find their opportunities and challenges, this session provides a forum to connect the historical approaches to the current and future thinking on Educational Leadership research.
The session takes the form of a panel made up of educational leadership researchers with diverse interests and approaches to research. The panel is intended to set a tone of rigorous conversation and reflection about the purpose and impact of educational leadership research. We encourage all SIG members, and others interested in educational leadership research, to attend and participate in this debate.
The panel will take the form of prompts, and provocations, that encourage a discussion about the relevance of educational leadership research and its impact on schooling today. Does educational leadership research matter? What is its impact? What is our engagement with schools and leaders? Why is this important? How has any of this changed over time? Where are we going next?
This session will be moderated to enable panel members to contribute their perspectives, with opportunities for colleagues in the audience to engage in the discussion through Q&A and participatory dialogue.