A synthesis: School, its teaching, curriculum and core learning programs and its overarching impact on Indigenous students’ educational opportunities.

Year: 2018

Author: Guenther, John, Harrison, Neil, Burgess, Cathie

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Answers to the question of ‘what works’ in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education have confounded researchers and practitioners for a long time. Expensive ‘silver bullet’ solutions come almost every year only to disappear quietly when the promises don’t materialise. So, what can we say from the Aboriginal Voices systematic reviews of literature that does make a difference to learning outcomes? This paper, drawing from a synthesis of all the systematic reviews demonstrates through 10 years of research the importance of effective teachers, relationality, working collaboratively with families and communities, contextualised learning and engagement as fundamental ingredients of success. ‘Success’ though, according to the research needs to be redefined consistent with community aspirations. The end result according to this synthesis, will be improved connectedness and stronger learner identities.