Auditing curriculum in the health and physical education learning area: The implications for the implementation of the National Statement and Profile

Year: 1994

Author: MacDonald, Doune, Di Pietro, Gayle

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This audit of the health and physical education curriculum in Victoria and Queensland involved over 600 schools and 3,000 responses. Teachers in a random sample of primary and secondary schools were asked the effectiveness of their teaching and learning outcomes across the strands and levels in the National Profile in Health and Physical Education. They were also asked to identify their professional development experience and needs and their methods of assessing, recording and reporting on student achievement and progress.

This presentation identifies those curriculum areas that teachers feel more or less comfortable with and analyses those responses in terms of their discipline backgrounds and their professional development experience. Some perceived strengths appear to include movement skills, physical fitness and skill development for play and sport, whilst perceived weaknesses include the teaching of sexuality and ethics and values.

Some conclusions are drawn on the relationship between professional development experience in primary and secondary schools and perceived strengths and weaknesses. The implications of the audit for effective implementation of the National Statement and Profile in Health and Physical Education are also considered.