Educational practices at the university and prison : a possible convergence towards digital purposes ?

Year: 2018

Author: Alidières - Dumonceaud, Lucie

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

From 2012, Montpellier 3 university is committed to success to freshers as part of its government’s public program « Initiative d’Excellence en Formation Innovante UM3D » (IDEFI - UM3D). This year is represented by a broad diversity of profiles including inmates. Indeed, in 2016 about 2000 inmates are enrolled in many universities training but only in distance learning. For many of them, it is a way to maintain a link with a civil society. So, one of major issues is the integration of inmates in this context through educational, administrative and technological pathways.  But actually most universities developped these pathways by digital age.  In that sense, how shall we allow access higher learning in prison where there is no internet ? We are establishing our researches (Alidières & al. 2012 ; Alidières 2013 ; Alidières & Charnet 2015 ; Alidières 2015) in this general framework and showing that this problem raises issues concerning the guarantee of access to education and high level for inmates. We study the educational practices in prison and at the university and develop digital practices. So firstly, we are going to describe the government’s program IDEFI – UM3D. Then, we wish to explain our theoritical and methodological approach in education and applied linguistics. Finally, we could lay out many results. These include the analysis of pedagogical interaction between prison’s teachers and inmates whose studying at distance as well as the procedures of digital development in a restricted environment as prison.