Cultural intelligence: The new discoursefor navigating the complexity of migratory politics

Year: 2018

Author: Koh, Aaron

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The political, social, economic and affective ramifications of immigration issues are far reaching and have no respect for geography.  Indeed, the affective impulses and the backlash of immigration issues are a global phenomenon with which countries all over the world are trying to grapple with. My aim in this essay is to plot a course through the complexity of the immigration issue by arguing that the new discourse needed is not multicultural tolerance, but cultural intelligence. Moreover, I argue that the new pedagogies needed in schools are not anti-racism or multicultural education, but public pedagogies of difference. The essay brings together an assemblage of perspectives from management, cultural studies, and education to propose Cultural Intelligence as the new discourse for navigating the complexity of migratory politics in our global “ethnoscape” of mobility and migration.