Studying Language Education and Religion: Complexities, Impacts and Prospects

Year: 2018

Author: Muhalim, Muhalim

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

With heightened numbers of religion-oriented schools and universities, it is an urgent pursuit to investigate the relationship between religion and education. It is particularly acute to study the nexus between religion and language education because both of them are vehicles of ideologies in education. In my presentation, I will focus on focal research agenda. Conducting the study in one of the Islamic affiliated universities in Indonesia, the first focus of my presentation is related to complexities faced by lecturers and students. Such complexities involve, but not limited to, ethical dimension and specificity of learning goals. Despite the challenges, bringing religious values in language education is evident to bring impact both to lecturers and students and their semiotic spaces. Thus, the second point I want to address through the presentation is the impact of religious values in challenging the dominant practices in English education through hybridization, adjusting culturally-laden ideologies from teaching materials and at the same time nourishing particular institutional/organizational ideology. The third is, through the understanding of the complexities and impacts I discuss some potential prospects for future research agenda in this pertinent interdisciplinary area.
Keywords: Language education, religion in education, Islam, ideology