Teachers Perceptions about School Innovation Practices in Secondary Schools

Year: 2018

Author: Ch, Abid, AHMAD, SAGHIR, Batool, Ayesha

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

School innovation is the process of modern teaching by introducing new curriculum, new teaching methods and new ways of evaluation. School innovation is beneficial not only for teachers and students but also for the school administration, as the school administration will be able to keep a check and balance of innovational outputs in a friendly way. The main purpose of the study was to explore the perceptions of public and private school teachers regarding innovation at secondary level in Lahore. The nature of the research was descriptive and survey method was used to collect data. Population of the study was consisted on all teachers of secondary schools. Convenient sampling technique was used to select sample of respondents and collect data. A sample of two hundred secondary school teachers was selected. The close ended self-developed questionnaire was used to collect data. Descriptive and inferential statistics was applied to get the result. In descriptive statistics (frequencies, standard deviation, and percentages) and in inferential statistics (independent sample t-test and one way ANOVA) were applied to know about the differences of views among different demographic variables. It was concluded that private school teachers pay more emphasis on school innovation then public school teachers, so the government may maintain and improve the standards of public schools as well by keeping proper check and balance.
Key Words:  School innovation, Teachers perceptions, Public and private schools.