Closing the Loop: Using video reflections for feedforward strategies in pre-service teacher education

Year: 2018

Author: Galstaun, Vilma, Kennedy-Clark, Shannnon

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper puts forward two case-studies on how the use of video can be used as formative assessment in Pre-Service Teacher (PST) education programs to close the iterative loop of practice, reflection, feedback, reflection and practice. In this sense, video is used as a holistic assessment approach that leads to feedforward strategies to prepare PST for both professional experience and the workplace. It has been put forward in the research that feedback on assessment is critical to facilitate student learning (Biggs 2003; Hattie & Timperley 2007). The case studies are in alignment with the work of Richardson, Dann, Dann and O’Neill (2017) who draw upon Duncan (2007) in identifying that feedback refers to the involvement in the learning process made by the presence of a range of digital technologies, along with text and verbal commentary to enhance the information provided to the PST. Feedback in this context is seen as leading to feed-forward strategies to create a nuanced response that leads directly to the development of particular skills and pedagogical practices (Duncan, 2007). A case study approach was used to examine how video enhanced PST understanding of their teaching. The first study was conducted within a secondary teacher education degree program where pre-service teachers were required to record and reflect upon their micro teaching prior to going on a school placement. The second study was conducted within a primary teacher education degree program where pre-service teachers were required to video their classroom teaching whilst on placement in a primary school. Both studies examined how the pre-service teachers used video to reflect upon their practice, gain feedback from peers and educators, and make changes to their pedagogy.  The main findings of the study indicate that giving PST the opportunity to reflect upon feedback to feedforward into their professional learning was transformational in terms of moving forward their pedagogical practice.