Quinde's kinder hummings: an othered(wise) inquiry

Year: 2018

Author: Cabezas Benalcazar, Carolina

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In this session I will share my othered(wise) inquiry (Srinivasan, 2018) with Quinde. Often confused with the flight of an insect, the quinde defies the senses and awakens the imagination with its varying songs. Situate in the field of early childhood education and care, I think with quinde, the othered(wise) with a giant heart and fleeting magic. Recognising the flexibility of my multilingual repertoire, I divagate in feelings and sensations that accompany migrations, allowing quinde to offer a space where memories and intensities may be (re)visited, dreams, sorrows and possibilities may be (re)mapped, and healing and hope are (re)imagined. I think of teaching and learning languages, and languagings, in relations with young children, and families. Searching for freedom to express the fleeting thoughts that accompany the ‘doctoral investigation’, quinde’s othered(wise)inquiry is a becoming song, a precarious line of flight (Deleuze, 1987) that seeks to serve as echo to the spirit and the soul. What does it mean to speak? Humming away quinde flies in-and-through-out the sounds of songs past. What does it mean to hum? Voicing away quinde hovers in-and-trough-out the silences of now. Picking up words, phrases, ideas, and thoughts in different languages along the way, quinde, is a migrant par excellence. It captures the (un)likely rhythms and through movement…buzzes and hums…it speaks, creating (re)iterant echoes and sounds. quinde slams the word to (dis)locate the world, powered by the sweetness of a flower, quinde (re)members its role in the polli(nation) of hope, beauty and life. *Note: This is part of the symposium titled 'The ‘othered(wise) inquiry’: our performed powerformance', chaired by Dr. Prasanna Srinivasan