Utilization of a Fuzzy Knowledge Based System as enhanced technology for creating awareness on Disease Detection, prescription and possible ways to Control any identified disease in such a remote area in South East Zone of Nigeria. Prospects of the research and possibilites of the result to curb the identified Challenges

Year: 2018

Author: Amaka, Eugenia Ngozi, Iyawa, Ifeyinwa Jane Bieniose

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Topic: Utilization  of a Fuzzy Knowledge Based System for Disease Detection  and Control in South East Zone of Nigeria .
Eugenia Ngozi Amaka ,  Enugu State College of Education(Technical), Enugu , Nigeria.  email id: ngoziamak6011p@yahoo.com. 
 Iyawa Ifeyinwa Jane Bieniose, Federal College of Education(Technical), Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria email id: iyawaben@hotmail.com
Abstract: The diagnosis of human diseases especially in the remote areas of South East part of Nigeria is devastating. If a disease is not adequately diagnosed, then it will be a severe challenge to identify the exact ailment and very difficult to give the adequate prescription for control measures of such disease. In remote areas of southeast zone of Nigeria, the major challenges facing the proper diagnosis of diseases are as follows: irregular power supply to the communities in the remote areas, lack of trained personnel, lack of adequate facilities for diagnosis, which yields to unreliable results of diagnosis and possibly leads to wrong prescription of control measures of such diseases. Also, the excess work load of the laboratory scientists makes them to get bored on the job, and this leads to inconsistency of the laboratory results.  When all these problems  mentioned  above are not properly tackled, the medical doctors cannot perform more than what they have, thereby making prescriptions for control measures on the ignorance of the actual diseases. Thus, there is no doubt arguing if this will lead to high rate of mortality or not because definitely, when the results of  the laboratory test are wrong, it will lead to false prescriptions equally. There is need to enhance the laboratory performances and limit the bias results of laboratory tests  in a remote area of south east zone of Nigeria which this research tends to do. This can be possible if the laboratory diagnosis in such a remote area can be automated to ease the above  mentioned challenges of the diseases diagnosis. This research tends to utilize a fuzzy knowledge based system that will ease the challenges of disease diagnosis, by improving the performances of the medical laboratory scientists  and equally make prescriptions to control or suggest  possible control measures of any identified disease  in  such a remote area.  Also, the result of this research will enhance the performances of medical doctors and reduce the high rate of mortality in the South East zone of Nigeria.
Keywords: ailment, control measures, diagnosis, fuzzy knowledge, mortality, prescription, diseases, South East