“When the changes were announced we were nervous…”Examining policy changes surrounding admission into undergraduate teacher education degrees

Year: 2018

Author: Freeborn, Amanda

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The NSW Government’s Great Teaching, Inspired Learning: A Blueprint for Action (GTIL) and the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group Report (TEMAG) Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers are part of a suite of recent reforms designed to regulate admission into initial teacher education. By imposing academic and non-academic restrictions upon the way in which students are selected for admission into initial teacher education programs, the expressed intention is to improve both the status and quality of teaching profession (Piccoli, 2013).
The purpose of the study on which this paper reports is to critically explore these increased requirements through a multiple case study of three universities and in so doing, to examine the practical impact these policies are having on the tertiary education sector. It further aims to investigate the effects of the policies upon perceptions of the status of the teaching profession and teacher quality from the perspective of pre-service education students, high school careers advisors and academic and professional university staff.
This presentation reports upon the progress of this study so far, including detailing initial findings from one of the case study universities. At this university, initial fear of the policies’ impact has now been replaced by considerable administrative burden in order to balance policy compliance with the business aspect of a university institution, with questions still remaining as to whether initial policy aims of improving teacher quality have indeed been achieved.
Piccoli, A. (2013). Revisioning the identity of teacher education into the 21st century. Retrieved July 2, 2017, from https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/media/downloads/about-us/news-at-det/ministers-speeches/council-deans-speech.pdf