Professional development of secondary science and mathematics teachers: A model

Year: 1994

Author: Levins, Lesley, Pegg, John

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Since 1990, the teachers of science and mathematics in the North West region of New South Wales have been serviced by a professional development model that arose out of teacher concerns for current inservice practices. Concerns identified included the short-term nature of professional development programs on offer, the lack of control over what was available, and the lack of follow-up. The model that was developed by the tertiary project team centred around the methodology of problem-solving and ownership of outcomes associated with addressing an issue or problem. As a result, each participating school identified its own area of concern and addressed it over a twelve-month period, using their own strategic action plan. The UNE team acted as a catalyst for action and provided support and professional advice.

This paper provides details of the model and some of the overall perceptions of the program developed by the delivery team from UNE and the school participants from the region.