Where to now for STEM Education in Australia?

Year: 2018

Author: Osman, Ann

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The recently released Australian Government Report, Through Growth to Achievement: Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools drew attention to declining standards in education in Australia as evidenced by a decreased ranking on international tests (for example, TIMMS) and lower performance on national tests (for example, NAPLAN by Australian school students. The Review Panel responsible for the Report was chaired by Mr. David Gonski AC. In the Report, the panel emphasised the critical role of education has in ensuring future social and economic growth and prosperity and global competitiveness.
In light of the release of this report, how might the implementation of STEM Education better engage young people and so contribute to future growth and prosperity in Australia?
As part of a PhD study investigating STEM Education in Australia, a Delphi study was undertaken with eleven particpants (representatives of the diverse groups with an expressed interest in STEM Education), in part to identify the possibilities STEM Education affords and any potential road blocks to progressing STEM Education in Australia.
A comparison of the analysis of the Delphi study with some of the priority area(s) and recommendations included in the Report was undertaken to determine • How might STEM Education continue to be implemented to deliver educational excellence?• Conversely, how might a high-quality STEM Education program support a more ‘personalised (individualised) approach’ to progressing student learning and excellence in achievement?