Going global: activating global citizenship education and international mindedness in an international school

Year: 2018

Author: Palmer, Ncholas

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Despite widespread nominal support for global citizenship education (GCE) and international mindedness (IM), there is very little knowledge of and no substantive theory detailing how schools currently articulate and implement GCE and IM. Questions remain as to whether and to what extent schools move beyond global education rhetoric and activate GCE and IM in practice. Although there are theories of cosmopolitanism, for example, such approaches have limited impact on schools addressing global education needs. This single, constructivist grounded theory, case study sought to determine how GCE and IM are theorized and implemented within a transnational space. The methodology includes a critical turn underpinned by Habermas’ (1984) theory of communicative action. This research will be of interest to those seeking to develop GCE both critically and contextually.