Cybersafety Policy and Teenage Girls: Safety or Control?

Year: 2018

Author: Thompson, Roberta, Singh, Parlo

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In this presentation, we consider the relationship between official cybersafety discourses and the online interactions of teenage girls. The aim is to explore the positioning of teenage girls in cybersafety discourses and speculate on how this positioning may affect their everyday online interaction. We maintain that teenage girls are active ‘policy subjects’ engaged in processes of interpreting and translating cybersafety discourses into their everyday practice. The presentation draws on survey and focus group accounts from 130 Australian teenage girls 13 years of age. By using Bernstein’s code theory and notion of recontextualisation and Goffman’s concept of impression management, we explore how cybersafety discourses are re/produced in teenage girls’ online interaction. Implications for cybersafety policy writers and educators are offered