Understanding Entrepreneurship Education as Part of Skill Formation Stategy to Diversify the Economy

Year: 2018


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This study is about skill formation strategies in Oman, and the government’s desire to develop entrepreneurial attitudes and skills through an entrepreneurship education in Higher Education Sector.  This broadly aims to support an economic diversification away from rentierism.  The study focuses on one higher education initiative, which provides a ‘lens’ through which to explore ‘stakeholders’ understandings of entrepreneurship and to assess the possibilities for its growth. This study adopted a cross-sectional approach, which used a mixed method through an interview and a survey.  This paper presents findings from this mixed method which was conducted in three Omani higher education institutes.  Perceptions were collected from policymakers, HE managers and lecturers, students and entrepreneurs to represent the voice of those who have first-hand experience of developing and operating small and medium-sized businesses.    This thesis will add a novel contribution to the literature of understanding entrepreneurial education, factors which shape this understanding particularly in a Rentier-State economy and the efficacy of this education in shaping HE students’ attitudes and intentions from being job seekers into job creators.