If only: changing classroom learning teaching with ICT

Year: 2016

Author: Anthony Jones

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper aims to clarify certain causes of the apparent reluctance of some classroom teachers to assist students to learn through the use computers. The main emphasis will be on primary school teaching, but it will be argued that the same, or similar, issues affect teachers at secondary and tertiary levels. It should be noted that the focus is on planned learning with the assistance of computers rather than on whether teachers and students do or do not use computers in the classrooms.
Teacher communications, both formal and informal, together with classroom research reports indicate the existence of underlying concerns about promoting student learning with ICT. This paper proposes that the reluctance of some teachers to make ICT an integral part of their classroom teaching practices is related to factors over which they have limited control. This reluctance occurs even though teachers tend to use various forms of social networking as part of their non-classroom lifestyle in a technologically ubiquitous environment. Over the past decade the author has participated in several small-scale research projects conducted in Australian schools. Each project has been a mini-case study and data has been collected through video-recording lessons and interviewing teachers.