Transversal Practices to Transform Education Research

Year: 2016

Author: Jackson, Alecia, Knight, Linda, Blaise, Mindy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The fourth Theory and Education Dialogue: two leading theorists engage in a provocative and thought-provoking conversation. The dialogue encourages contributions from the audience. The Dialogues are videorecorded to support ongoing engagement with the ideas presented by future and current AARE members.In this conversation, Youngblood Jackson & Blaise put to work the poststructural concept of "transversals" to animate a dialogue around producing new ways of approaching inquiry. Transversal practices take on different functions and practices from epistemological concerns: 1) to situate educational problems as those which are worked through, not solved; 2) to challenge the conditions and productions of dualisms; and 3) to actively (re)formulate concepts. This newness of transversal practices are grounded in speculative, affirmative difference, and method is not a tool but a thing in the making. The conversation will center around the ontological practice of "transversal" research that produces alternative lives instead of knowledge.