A full-time secondary Dip Ed or an internship: Expediency or efficiency in teacher education

Year: 1994

Author: Khamis, Mon

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The internship concept within any teacher education course has received some acceptance, yet there is minimal agreement about the desired outcomes and how best to achieve them. University of Western Sydney Nepean implemented an internship program for secondary mathematics and science graduates within the Dip Ed course while continuing with the full-time mode.

Perceptions of a sample of 45 full-time and 30 internship graduates from the past two years were compared in order to determine the level of contribution the two modes of delivery made towards developing graduates' competence in planning, questioning, assigning work tasks, management and motivation skills. Furthermore, the graduates were asked to assess their current level of confidence in performing various competencies as a result of their personal attributes and experiences.

The full-time graduates appeared to show a more positive trend in their overall perceptions compared to the internship graduates. The ramifications for the design and delivery of any internship program, particularly when it is part of a relatively short teacher education course, will be discussed. The positive outcomes and the limitations of the internship model will be highlighted.