Teacher competencies and teacher education: Progress report on a research project

Year: 1994

Author: Kennedy, Kerry, Preston, Barbara

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The authors have been commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education and Training to carry out a project to investigate the relationships between the National Competency Standards for Beginning Teachers and initial teacher education courses, and to determine how the framework can be used to improve initial teacher education-in particular through the development of a set of guidelines and protocols for the application of the standards. The project is due to be completed at the beginning of 1995, and is being managed by a working party including representatives of teacher professional organisations (the unions and the Australian Teaching Council), school authorities, higher education, and the Commonwealth.

We will be looking at about a dozen initial teacher education programs of different types, and holding discussions with the staff involved on matters such as the usefulness or otherwise of the competency standards to the development and review of course curriculum, pedagogy, assessment processes and criteria, and the integration of elements of courses.

The paper will outline the project, report on progress to date, and discuss issues which have been raised by the project.