Literacy pedagogy and reading comprehension across disciplines: Teachers’ reflexive practice

Year: 2016

Author: van Leent, Lisa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The complexities of teaching reading comprehension in a multi-modal environment across a range of disciplines involves identifying localised, and place-based problems and pedagogical literacy strategies. Teaching reading is a process that can be enabled through different teaching approaches for different communities of learners (Luke & Freebody, 1999). Reading comprehension across disciplines also requires multiple strategies (Shanahan, 1999). However, ‘Teaching and learning just isn’t amatter of skill acquisition of knowledge transmission or natural growth. It’s about building identities and cultures, communities and institutions’ (Luke & Freebody, 1999, p.1).This presentation explores teachers’ pedagogical literacy practices in the early years of secondary school when students are learning how to read a range of texts within a range of discipline areas. The research examines teachers’ understanding of their pedagogical practices reflected in the work of Luke and Freebody (1997) using The Four Resources Model and an extension of the resource model to encompass visual and multimodal practices using the work of Serafini (2012). Together these models havebeen identified as a theoretical underpinning to provide a framework of understanding to analyse teachers’ practices and build on their current understanding. A coaching model, Oceania State School Coach Model, developed by van Leent & Exley (2013) has been used to support the ongoing professional learning of teachers. Through developing teachers’ pedagogical literacy practices, students gain a deepened awareness of the social and textual realities that shape their lives. ReferencesFreire, P. (1970) Cultural action and conscientization. Harvard Educational Review, 40 (3), 452-477.Luke, A. & Freebody, P. (1999) A map of possible practices: Further notes on the four resources model, Practically Primary, 4(2), 5-8.Serafini, F. (2012) Expanding the four resources model: reading visual and multi-modal texts. Pedagogies: An International Journal, 7, (2), 150-164.Shanahan, C (2009) Disciplinary Comprehension. In S. E. Israel & G. G. Duffy (eds)., Handbook of research on reading comprehension (pp. 240-260). New York: Routledge.van Leent, L. J., & Exley, B. (2013). Literacy coaching roles in diverse contexts: New ways of working. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 38(4), 17-30.