Transforming the Space of Indigenous Research: An Open Dialogue

Year: 2016

Author: Bunda, Tracey, Hogarth, Melitta, Anderson, Peter, O'Dowd, Mary

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Delivered as an Open Dialogue with discussions organically unfolding, this symposium joins (2) Aboriginal/ Torres Strait Islander and (2) white researchers to interrogate this space as racialised and thus raises considerations, complexities and possibilities that are otherwise relegated to the margins or remain unspoken and where individual labours fail to have collective agency and impact. The scope of this symposium works to connect audience members dialogically through raising voice to speak the unspoken, unpack that which is dominant and normalised practice and reconceptualises the race/ power dynamic for safe and ethical Indigenous research space[s] -all necessary conditions for transformation to occur. As a first of its kind event for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research SIG, this Open and Shared Dialogue is laying the necessary groundwork for standardising this event within the AARE Conference and for providing opportunity for collaborative future research and scholarly work in this space.