Creative teaching and pleasure in STEM education

Year: 2016

Author: Pollard, Vikki, Hains-Wesson, Rachael

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in higher education need to be taught and assessed in more enriching and interesting ways (McWilliam & Taylor, 2016, Office of the Chief scientist, 2013; Smith, Douglas & Cox, 2009; Yarker & Park, 2012; Bedgood et al, (2010).). Achieving curriculum renewal to this end requires creativity and strategies to overcome resistances to change. In this paper we present a small research project undertaken to investigate STEM academics’ experiences of creative teaching. In analyzing the data, we were struck by how often pleasure received in teaching was discussed. This has led us to consider that pleasure can be experienced in creative teaching. In investigating this claim we analyse the interview data from four of the interviewees in order to flesh out our understandings of pleasure and to consider the alignment between pleasure and active learning.