Resilience and its relationship to delinquent behaviours: A South Australian Study

Year: 2016

Author: J-f, J-f, Darren, Pullen, Swabey, Karen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Resilience as psychological construct protects, safeguards and shelters children and adolescents against delinquent behaviours. Resilient children and adolescents are less likely to engage in risk behaviours. A total of 2090 school (Grade 3 to Grade 12) students from South Australia participated in the study and completed a Resilience Survey. Delinquency was operationalized as behaviours that were developmentally unsuitable, harmful to self and others. Resilience was conceptualised as one having developmental capital, constructive capabilities, and psychological competencies. A number of ANOVA analysis revealed that those students who exercised and exhibited higher levels of development capital, social-emotional strengths and had a positive outlook for the future, irrespective of gender or age were less likely to engage in delinquent behaviours.