A study of learning environments in agricultural science classrooms in Nigeria

Year: 1994

Author: Idiris, Suleiman A., Fraser, Barry J.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A sample of 1,175 students and their teachers in 50 agricultural science classes at the secondary high school level participated in the first learning environment study worldwide specifically in agricultural science and one of the very few learning environment studies ever carried out in Nigeria. The particular focus of the research was the constuctivist nature of Nigerian classrooms as assessed by scales adapted from the Constructivist Learning Environment Survey and the emphasis on individualisation as assessed by selected scales from the Individualised Classroom Environment Questionnaire.

The study yielded numerous salient outcomes: (1) A widely applicable instrument assessing the constructivist and individualised aspects of classroom environments was evolved and validated for future research in the Nigerian milieu. (2) Agricultural science classrooms in Nigeria generally were found to be less constructivist and individualised than those found in other countries in past research. (3) Past research was replicated in that associations were found between the nature of the classroom environment and students' attitudes, inquiry skills, and practical performance; and (4) An investigation of the determinants of classroom environments revealed statistically significant differences according to student gender, school location (forest/savannah), school type (urban/rural), and the nature of the school-level environment.