A moment of reconciliation? The current debate about good practice in physical education

Year: 1994

Author: Hickey, Christopher

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In a recent edition of QUEST, O'Sullivan, Siedentop and Locke (1992), world-acknowledged educators within a technical, positivist tradition of physical education research, have urged collegiality between competing research viewpoints. This reconciliatory moment could be interpreted as a recognition of the contributions critical perspectives have made to accounts of the limitations of current provision and to theoretical frames within which to postulate key principles to guide "quality" teaching and learning in physical education.

This paper will outline some of the contextual issues which are shaping this proposed reconciliation, such as the perceived shortcomings attributed by each side to one another, and the reputed limitations of critical perspectives in terms of translation into actual practice. This paper will conclude by reporting on research which addresses this theory/practice issue in the context of a study that sought to change preservice physical education students' perceptions of good practice within a critical pedagogy.