Gender Policy Matters: Reviewing Gender Equity: A Framework for Australian Schools (1996) - Part 4: Policy possibilities and futures

This final section sums up where we think we are, and where we think we might go. It invites participants to consider the contrasting policyscapes with those of twenty years ago, in order to explore how feminist policy perspectives and actions might open possibilities for futures that are more equitable, inclusive and respectful. It draws inspiration from contemporary feminists who eschew ‘linear generationalism’ which risks leaving ‘feminist politics stranded in the past’, whereas critical conversations between past and present have more potential to opening understandings and actions for justice in the future’ (Hemmings, 2009). It queries whether we might need alternative temporalities and spatialities for such work (Gannon, 2016). Participants, including those from outside Australia, and from multiple positions on gender equity will be invited to respond to how we might open new possibilities for gender-related policy into the future, or to assess whether this is even a feasible goal.