Gender Policy Matters: Reviewing Gender Equity: A Framework for Australian Schools (1996) - Part 3: Policy mutation and renewal

This section of the symposium explores, from the perspective of the present, where we are currently in relation to gender equity and education. It asks how and which gender-related issues persist in public discourse – including gendered and sexualised violence, income and opportunity gaps, disparate gendered expectations in professional, domestic and intimate lives, and how these are responded to in educational contexts. Which new contours of gendered (in)equalities have emerged and how are these being taken up in school education? In what ways does gender shape the lives of students, teachers and school communities in the present? What current initiatives, opportunities and pivot points focus on gender? To what extent, and under what conditions, are issues pertaining to gender seen as core business for schools? How are external agencies and organisations involved in gender-related educational issues, with what limits and potentials? What have been the effects of neoliberal drift on the social justice agendas of schooling and what erosions and new openings have there been in gender-related education.