Drama Pedagogy and Empowerment

Year: 2016

Author: Barta, Sam

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reviews the ways in which drama pedagogy, as a method for teaching, is empowering. Theories of empowerment will be examined and a common thread of the importance of relationships will surface. Drama and relational pedagogies will be examined together to note the variables within them reflected in the models of empowerment reviewed.The work of Heathcote will ground the paper. Drama in Education techniques such as role-drama, teacher-in-role and mantle of the expert will be framed within a conceptual model of empowerment. Studies focused on the use of drama pedagogy for curricular instruction will be reviewed for evidence of student empowerment.Findings will be reviewed in terms of best practice, suggesting that drama pedagogy, because of its empowering nature and more, is an effective teaching technique for achieving curricular goals across a wide perspective.