Reframing mentoring conversations: Using triadic professional dialogue between pre-service and mentor teachers during the teaching practicum to enrich professional growth

Year: 2016

Author: Kriewaldt, Jeana, Nash, Melanie, Windsor, Sally, Thornton, Jane

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The provision of feedback plays an essential role in the clinical model of teaching and encourages the pre-service teacher (PST) to develop as a reflective professional during field experience. In this project, feedback is facilitated through the use of a descriptive lesson observation schedule that mentor teachers complete during the lesson and this is a basis for a post lesson conversation with the PST. By introducing a third observer, a three way professional dialogue was facilitated between the PST delivering the lesson, a peer and the mentor teacher. We called this the Collaborative Approach to Observation (CATO). The additional observer in the lesson enabled a deeper post-lesson conversation through a round table discussion. We found that the presence of both the mentor and peer, during the lesson observation, provided multiple perspectives of the lesson, resulting in much richer post-lesson professional dialogue, compared to interactions when only the mentor observed the lesson. This three way dialogue provided opportunities for professional growth for all three participants.