“I’m more focused in class.”

Year: 2016

Author: Harwood, Valerie, McMahon, Sam, , AIME Partnership Team

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

AIME’s educational mentoring model and Indigenous Young people’s perceptions of how AIME helps them reengage with school. ABSTRACTThis presentation is led by practitioners from the AIME staff in collaboration with the AIME researcher team members. AIME is a mentoring program that is having a positive effect on Indigenous secondary school students’ school engagement and completion rates.  But what is it that AIME is doing so well?  How do the young people think AIME helps them re-engage with school?  The presentation also draws on national fieldwork at a number of AIME Institute Days. As requested by AIME, the purpose was to understand how young people were engaged by AIME and to examine how young people described and explained the way AIME supported their re-engagement with education. We draw closely on conversations with two young men who described how they became more engaged with AIME and school as their involvement in the AIME program progressed. In this way the paper seeks to present the experiences of two young people, as well as to offer a thematic summary of a wider data set to think through some of the pedagogies AIME uses to support students’ re-engagement and commitment to education.