An Analysis of Universal Design for Learning during Online Instruction

Year: 2016

Author: Marino, Matthew, Coy, Kimberly, Vasquez, Eleazar

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Universal Design for Learning is a framework for the design and implementation of curricular materials that has been shown to improve the accessibility of online materials. This framework has potential benefits in rural education where students receive content instruction remotely. This presentation includes results of a study involving the analysis of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) during synchronous online K-8 classrooms in rural areas of the western United States. The study provides insights about how teachers and students use UDL to enhance online classroom instruction. Teaching techniques, assessment considerations and the use of UDL to increase student learning outcomes are included. Session Learning Outcomes:1. Participants will understand and be able to identify Universal Design for Learning in synchronous online classrooms.2. Participants will be able to begin to examine UDL elements in teacher professional development for online schools.