Seeing the common threads – Noticing the multiplicities of practice through reflection on process

Year: 2016

Author: Ewing, Robyn

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

I am increasingly interested in designing learning that invites creative practitioners to use reflection and portfolio driven pedagogies to enable our learners to see the common threads. As an artist, researcher and teacher I am committed to providing space to notice, to notice the multiplicities of creativity through practice, and to notice through reflection on the creative process how the common threads weave their way. For me, as Carl Leggo so eloquently shared, “pedagogy is about transformation” (2008, p.9). My understanding of creativity in art education is based on my own reflection on this transformation through praxis. How I choose to engage in art, as a researcher and teacher is woven with these common threads, and intertwined in my identity as a creative practitioner. In this presentation, I will explore questions that I live with as a/r/tographer - What if we explicitly enabled metacognitive and creative pedagogies through our learning design by developing a storied curriculum to notice the common threads? What if we invited our learners to focus on developing, designing and documenting the creative process as well as they do the creative product?Portfolios invite independent reflection on the process in a body of work, they enable synthesis of knowledge through the curation of artefacts and evidence while narrating process and practice. Portfolios offer a site, a space to notice, a place to see the common threads. We are affected. I believe that through the teaching of personal narrative, autobiographical writing, metacognition and curated portfolios in formal art education that we can guide our learners toward critical awareness and understanding of self through a relational understanding of creativity.